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Mega Man 2 Speed Run

I sit down and play through Mega Man 2 regularly. It’s less of a commitment than playing Skyrim or Pokemon. So, I decided to do a Speed run. Before I started I would have guessed I could knock out a level in about 2 minutes. With 14 levels I should be able to clear the game in about 30 minutes. I wasn’t too far off.

The 8 Master Robots I can clear in just under 20 minutes, averaging 2.5 minutes per stage. I was pleased to find that my quickest level is Quick Mans stage at 2’07” 🙂 I made it through Dr. Wily’s Castle in about 15 minutes. The total clear time was: 34′ 48″ 17

Classic Comfort

Facebook knows me well, apparently. Only $5 per each cover, so naturally I had to have the set. But, Facebook doesn’t have the clearest of memories, as it keeps suggesting these pillow covers to me. Either way, my living room has comfort with Classic taste now.


Now, it would be nice to find the Super Nintendo equivalent pillow cases for my other couch.