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A Fateful Encounter…

On a fateful day in 1986, my life was changed forever. I was at the Putt Putt Golf & Games on Morse Rd in Columbus, Ohio, if you are familiar with the area. This wasn’t my first trip to their arcade nor would it be the last. On this day, there was a new game there, Super Mario Bros. Something about the cabinet art just sang the words “Play Me” and I did. I fed this box quarter after quarter. I was hooked. Then in the weeks and months that followed I insisted my parents take me there all the time. This was not only to play Mario, I did play every other game in Putt Putt’s arcade, but no trip was complete without dropping a quarter on Mario.

Eventually, I would come to learn of this amazing device that allowed you to play Super Mario Bros on your home television, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite having had an Atari for years, my mind was blown! I saved my allowance for what seemed like forever and then in the Spring of 1987 I bought my own Nintendo. I remember the trip to Toy’s R Us, moreover the trip home and connecting it to the TV for the first time. In this moment everything changed. Before this moment it was conceivable that I could become an athlete or astronaut or something. Not now. Now my path has been diverted to games and computers and technology. No Regrets.